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Starting with a solid foundation

Rocky Edge Contracting offers a complete screw pile design to get your projects done right. With over 10 years of experience you can trust your starting with a solid foundation.

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About Us

Rocky Edge Contracting is a screw pile design and installation company local to Edmonton that serves all of Alberta and western Canada.

We offer screw pile engineering and design.

We manufacture all sizes of screw piles big and small, and install screw piles using a wide range of install equipment and field welding.

We use Torque monitoring systems to ensure our customers requirements are met.

We have new reliable equipment and skilled install operators, and always try to accommodate our customer's needs... we meet deadlines.

We are a small company with lower overhead, that works directly with the customer to ensure the job gets done right.

Our Services

At Rocky Edge Contracting we offer Screw Pile Design and Installation services with a wide range of install equipment. From residential to commercial, industrial, oil and gas we have the knowledge to make sure your getting the right screw pile for the right job. We offer free quotes with pile designs and engineering. 

After initial pile design and engineering is complete, using Anchor drives attached to the hydraulics of our equipment we torque different sizes of screw piles into ground formations until proper torque and depth is reached. With the use of torque pins we can monitor install and create torque reports for engineering requirement, making sure you start on a solid foundation.

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Design & Engineering

With the use of third party engineering we are able to design and build screw piles for any project. Since every job is site specific, geotechnical properties and load capacities are closely studied for every project.  We take pride in our quality control and safety programs so that we can provide the best product for our customers.

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We can install in places where access is limited or difficult and serve customers.  We have a wide range of install equipment for large jobs with high install capacities or multiple install units or small jobs with limited access. Our Installation equipment is always properly maintained available for your project - big or small.

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Field Welding

Portable welders follow install crews to cut and cap in order to ensure a smooth flow of production. By serving multiple industries, we have become experienced in providing services as the situation demands, but we do it without sacrificing quality or safety.

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Torque Monitoring Systems

Our latest monitoring systems will give you the ease of mind that our screw piles are installed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
On average we can install 4-8 piles per hour depending on ground conditions

What do we need to get started?
If you have any site plans you can send them by email. If you don’t have plans just give us a call and we can answer any questions you might have.

What is your lead time?
We try to accommodate the client’s deadlines. On any custom orders average turn around time is 1-2 weeks.

Recent projects

Here is a collection of some of our recent projects. No job is too big or too small.

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edmonton screw pile  services - rocky edge contracting - commercial application
screw pile installation edmonton - rocky edge contracting
edmonton screw pile experts - rocky edge contracting
edmonton screw pile - rocky edge contracting - onsite job
"Rocky edge contracting installed some screw piles for my deck. There were quick and efficient. I was worried about my grass, there small tracked machine was great and did no damage. Would definitely recommend them."
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Serge Bessette

Spruce Grove, Alberta

"Ben installed some screw piles for us when we redid our deck last summer. He was very professional and did a wonderful job. A couple hours after starting he had our 5 screw piles done, absolutely no mess or spoil pile and I was building the deck that afternoon."
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Mikael Charrois

Spruce Grove, Alberta

"Thank you very much Rocky Edge for helping out with our screw piles and post holes. They were prompt and very pProfessional. I will definitely be passing around their contact information and recommending them to others!"
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Jonathan Daley

Spruce Grove, Alberta

"Very awesome to deal with. Prompt, on-time and quick service. I would recommend to anyone needing piles installed."
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Kurt Hall

Spruce Grove, Alberta

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